It's not your job to stress.
It's ours!

But we love running around and making a mess because a whole lot of our passion is in the service we provide.

A flawless event where everyone is happy and fed is what Mr Popo is all about. 

These are the things we will do for you to make sure your event goes smashingly!

Live Cooks

Have you ever seen a taquero fastidiously at work, grilling and slicing a roasted pork live, whipping out tacos to drooling onlookers? Or a paella chef who has mastered his pan and can relate to you tales of his authentic Spanish dish? Our live cooks are the entertainment. Add a bit of flare to your event with one of our amazing live cooks! Book now!


Don’t move, we’ve got you covered! We have the best waiters rushing to get you your food, making sure no plate is left wanting and no mouth is left, well, waiting!


Our bartenders are masters at flipping and shaking, stirring and mixing, fixing and making the most tempting of mixtures! Whatever your taste for cocktails, spirits, beers or rum, it always has to be mixed in with a little bit of fun!

Private Chef

Do you have a small, private function or want to entertain guests while letting someone else chef? With your own personal chef making expert use of your kitchen, you can kick back and relax while your restaurant-ready food is prepared.

General Staff

We’ve got other people on board too to make sure your event exceeds every expectation. From meeters and greeters, dishwashers, sweepers  and general light cleaners, we’ve got all your bases covered for a flawless event.

Personalised catering

Is there some kind of unique twist you want to add to your event? Is there a special dish you want made for your special event? We’re happy to discuss whatever you need, so simply let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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